2012 Goals

My Vision for 2012
Begin with the End in Mind

I want to strengthen my relationship with God.
To accomplish this…
·      I will pray and study.
·      I will work to feel and acknowledge God’s presence in my daily activities.

I want to be challenged in a way that inspires me.
To accomplish this…
·      I will focus on finding challenging and fulfilling work that inspires my creativity and productivity.
·      I will assess my ability and desire to complete my goals and tasks as a measure of fulfillment.

I want to be valued by the people with whom I spend my time.
To accomplish this…
·      I will be generous and present, and value the time people spend with me.

I want to have a reputation of integrity, compassion, gumption, perspicacity, and loyalty.
To accomplish this…
·      I will strive to incorporate the attributes of faith, passion, class, professionalism, prioritization and curiosity in my life.

I want to know I am worthy of love.
To accomplish this…
·      I will surround myself with people that I respect, which motivate me, and who make me feel loved.
·      I will minimize the time that I feel unhealthy, trapped, afraid, and numb.

I want to feel healthy and fit (okay, and look hot too!)
To accomplish this…
·      I will stop procrastinating and start working on exercising and eating healthy.

My Goals for 2012

The Big Hairy Audacious Goals:
·      Eliminate my debt
·      Develop a habit for exercising regularly, for free
·      Find a job that inspires me with its challenges and makes full use of my talents and interests  DONE!
·      Develop a network of friends in Philadelphia

·      Continue with Bethel Bible Series abandoned due to move
·      Complete a chronological reading of the Bible in one year
·      Pray daily
·      Find a church family in Philadelphia

·      Eliminate my debt – Oh so close!  Just need to sell the house
·      Increase my savings to 6 months salary
·      Tithe a minimum of $X per week while unemployed, more when employed

·      Achieve a weight of X or lower
·      Develop a habit for exercising regularly
·      Eat healthy
·      Track and monitor my food intake
·      Make dentist appointment (Jan)  DONE!
·      Make hearing appointment (Jul/Aug)
·      Make annual exam appointment (Dec)
·      Get my shoulder/neck rehabilitated
·      Make physical appointment (Feb) DONE!

·      Develop a network of friends in Philadelphia
·      Visit Brenda & Bryce
·      Contact Inner Circle monthly
·      Be active in the lives of my niece and nephew
·      Be compassionate, dependable and giving
·      Keep myself open to relationships

·      Find a job that inspires me with its challenges and makes full use of my talents and interests  DONE!
·      Become a Linchpin in my new job (ref. book by Seth Godin)

·      Continue to support the Parks Foundation on its board of directors abandoned due to move
·      Participate in friends’ causes when the cause is also one I support
·      Volunteer to help others when my time, talents, or treasure are accessible

·      Complete a major purge, room-by-room  DONE!
·      Sell items with value (all profits to go toward debt reduction)  DONE!
·      Donate items that cannot be sold DONE!
·      Create an intentional home, with a focus on simplification in Philadelphia

·      Take at least one non-work, non-family vacation
·      Read regularly
·      Have dinner with the Wilson’s and the Strands at least once a month  abandoned due to move
·      Go wine tasting at least 4 times  abandoned due to move
·      Work on articulating and expressing my feelings

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