Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm Ba-ack!

Bet you thought I had given up blogging for good.  I don’t know if anyone even still has links to this website so don’t know if this will just go out into the world wide ether, or if anyone will read it.   I guess if I get any comments I will know.

Just seems like I have a lot on my mind that I feel needs to be documented.  I am going to be moving to a new apartment in a month.  Moving is always a time to purge, organize and decorate something new.  This time, I am trying not to spend too much, although there are one or two splurges out there. 

At work, there are some major changes going on, which always makes me research and think about interesting productivity and leadership concepts.   My mind has been on overdrive on these subjects for the last month.  I have made some changes and am pretty excited.

And, last but not least, there is the ever present personal growth section of my brain.  A new year with a fresh start always makes me look at these topics with new eyes.  I am trying, trying, trying to leave perfectionism behind and get in the arena.  There are some new thoughts I have on this topic as well.

So, if you have actually found this teeny-tiny corner of the internet and find it interesting, welcome!  I love constructive dialogue and other resources.  If it isn’t your cup of tea, that is cool too – there is plenty of room for everyone on the internet.
Stay tuned!

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